ASTM A312 Pipe

ASME SA312 Seamless Pipe and A312 Welded Pipes

The ASTM A312 grade pertains to the standard classification for stainless steel pipe grades. The ASTM A312 Pipe incorporates alloying elements such as chromium, nickel, copper, molybdenum, among others, providing exceptional tolerance and resistance to corrosive and oxidative environments, even in stress-inducing conditions. This versatile grade encompasses seamless variations, a spectrum of heavily cold-worked welded austenitic stainless steel, and straight-weld pipe modules.The ASTM A312 Schedule 40 Pipe is specifically crafted for use in high-temperature applications and is frequently employed in systems with moderate pressure. Identified as a common schedule in the industry, the sch 40 pipe is widely available. 

The ASME SA12 Pipe is categorized as a pressurized vessel pipe grade tailored for elevated pressure and temperature setups. These modules exhibit robust strength and are resistant to bending or distortion under various circumstances.

The high-strength components in the ASTM A312 Seamless Pipes of this grade are produced through an extrusion process. In this method, hot steel billets are passed through extruded metal, shaping them into the correct dimensions. Utilized in high-temperature settings, the ASME SA 312 Seamless Pipe is designed without welds or seams, offering enhanced strength and exceptional load-bearing capacity. With a 20% higher pressure-holding capacity compared to welded pipes in the same grade, these pipes are reliable.

The ASTM A312 Cold Draw Seamless Pipes undergo further processing after the hot rolling procedure. Running the pipes over dies enhances their resistance and surface finish, resulting in outstanding properties. A cost-effective alternative to seamless pipes, A312 Welded Pipes are produced by rolling sheets or strips and welding them in place using standard welding procedures. Our institution maintains stocks of pipes in various shapes and sizes, ensuring you can choose from quality-assured products. For inquiries about our products or pricing, feel free to contact us or visit any of our outlets for more information.

Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe Specification Chart

Searching for ready stock of Stainless Steel Pipes in Mumbai? Wide range of Schedule 80 Seamless Stainless Steel Pipe as per ASME B36.19 standard

TypeSeamles & Conduit Pipe
Standard SpecificationASTM A 312/ ASME SA 312/ EN10216-5
Size½” to 6” NB Sch 10s, 40s, & 80s, 160s
Wall Thickness0.1 – 60 mm
LengthSingle Random Length 5 to 7 Meter
Double Random Length 10 – 12 Meter
Specialized inLarge Diameter Size Stainless Steel Pipe Supplier in India
Surface FinishBright, Cold Finish, Annealing, Polished, Pickling
TypesSeamless, ERW, Welded, EFW Supplier and Manufacturer
Manufacturing ShapesRound, Rectangle, Square, Box Section
Manufacturing TechnologyHot / Cold Formed
Inspection, Test ReportsMill Test Certificates, EN 10204 3.1, PMI Test Reports, Mechanical Reports, Chemical Reports, NABL Approved Lab Reports, Visual Inspection Reports, Third Party Inspection, Destructive and Non Destructive Test Reports
TechniqueCold Rolled Hot Rolled
Schedule Pipe Thickness RangeSCH160, XS, SCH120, XXS, STD, SCH140, SCH40, SCH20, SCH60, SCH80, SCH30, SCH80, Supplier in Mumbai
MarkingAll Pipes are marked as follows: Supplier or Manufacturer’s Name, OD, Length, Standard, Grade, Thickness, Heat No.
Value Added Services provided by SuppliersThreading, Destructive, Beveling, Non Destructive, Cutting, Ultrasonic Testing, Polishing

Cold Rolled Seamless SS Pipe Chemical Composition

Looking for fastest delivery of Stainless Steel Pipe in Mumbai? Find your sizes and thickness of SS Round Pipes in our ready stock, check standard length, dimensions chart and temperature rating Online

SS 3040.0820.040.030.0758.00 11.0018.00 20.00 
SS 304L0.0352 . 13.0018.00 20.00 
SS 304H0.04 1118.00 20 
SS 3100.1520.040.030.7519.00 2224.00 26 
SS 3160082.000.0400.0300.7511.00 4.0016.00 18.00Mo2.00- 3.00
SS 316L0.03520.040.030.7510.00 1516.00 18Mo 2.00 3.00
SS 316H0_04 0.10I 2.0000400.0300.7511.00 14.0016.00 18.00Mo2.00-3.00
SS 3170.0820.040.030.7511.00 1418.00 20Mo 3.00 4.00
SS 3210.482030.040.030.759.00 1317.00 20Ti 5XC-0.60
SS 3470.082000.040.030.757.00 1317.00 20Cb + Ta 10 XC-1.00
21-6-90.048.00600.0315.50 7.519.00 21.5N 0.15 0.40
SS 4160.151.250.0660.151.00 12.00 14.00

Stainless Steel Pipe Dimensions In MM

Nominal size in InchOutside diameter in InchOutside diameter in MMWall thickness in InchWall thickness in MMWeight [lb/ft]Weight [kg/m]
1/4 Inch0.54013.7 MM0.0882.240.420.84
12 Inch12.750323.8 MM0.40610.3153.5279.73
1/2 Inch0.84021.3 MM0.1092.770.851.27
32 Inch32813.0 MM0.68817.48230.08342.91
2 1/2 Inch2.87573.0 MM0.2035.165.798.63
6 Inch6.625168.3 MM0.2807.1118.9728.26
20 Inch20508.0 MM0.59415.09123.11183.42
1/8 Inch0.40510.3 MM0.0681.730.240.37
3 Inch3.50088.9 MM0.2165.497.5811.29
18 Inch18457.0 MM0.56214.27104.67155.80
3/4 Inch1.05026.7 MM0.1132.871.131.69
24 Inch24610.0 MM0.68817.48171.29255.41
3 1/2 Inch4.000101.6 MM0.2265.749.1113.57
5 Inch5.563141.3 MM0.2586.5514.6221.77
1 1/4 Inch1.66042.2 MM0.1403.562.273.39
1 Inch1.31533.4 MM0.1333.381.682.50
1 1/2 Inch1.90048.3 MM0.1453.682.724.05
14 Inch14355.6 MM0.37511.1354.5794.55
2 Inch2.37560.3 MM0.1543.913.655.44
4 Inch4.500114.3 MM0.2376.0210.7916.07
10 Inch10.750273.0 MM0.3659.2740.4860.31
8 Inch8.625219.1 MM0.3228.1828.5542.55
16 Inch16406.4 MM0.50012.7082.77123.30

Testing and Inspection of ASTM A312 Welded Pipes

At Salecha Metal, we take immense pride in delivering top-notch metal solutions, and the quality of our ASTM A312 Welded Pipes is a testament to our commitment. Rigorous testing and inspection processes are integral to our manufacturing standards, ensuring that our welded pipes meet and exceed industry expectations.

Our expert technicians conduct thorough visual examinations to identify and rectify any surface irregularities, ensuring the visual integrity of our ASTM A312 Welded Pipes.

Accurate dimensions are paramount. Our dimensional inspection guarantees that each welded pipe aligns precisely with the specified size, wall thickness, and length requirements.

We employ advanced mechanical testing to evaluate key properties like tensile strength, yield strength, and elongation, ensuring our pipes exhibit robust structural integrity.

State-of-the-art NDT methods, including ultrasonic, radiographic, and dye penetrant testing, are employed to identify internal defects without compromising the integrity of the pipes.

Our ASTM A312 Welded Pipes undergo rigorous corrosion resistance testing, validating their ability to withstand harsh environments and chemical exposures.

To guarantee strength and durability, we subject our pipes to hydrostatic testing, identifying any potential leaks or weaknesses that may compromise their performance.

We conduct specialized testing to assess the susceptibility of our welded pipes to intergranular corrosion, ensuring they maintain their integrity in diverse conditions.

Verification of the heat treatment process ensures that our ASTM A312 Welded Pipes achieve the required mechanical and metallurgical properties

Transparent documentation of all testing results, coupled with comprehensive material traceability, reflects our commitment to accountability and quality assurance.

At Salecha Metal, we believe that quality is non-negotiable. Our ASTM A312 Welded Pipes undergo meticulous testing and inspection to meet the highest standards, providing you with metal solutions you can trust. For inquiries or to explore our range of products, feel free to contact us.

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